Want A Pillow Covered With Rubber Bands?

Pillows make a great decorating accent in just about any room of the home, and they can get pretty unusual sometimes. Perhaps the strangest pillow I have ever seen out there is the Rubber Band Pillow. It rather resembles an overgrown, hairy, terry cloth towel monster from the Twilight Zone. Do do do do, do do do do.

Rubber Band PillowRubber Band Pillow

This crazy and fun pillow will add a fun pop of color to any room, though the basic design lends itself more to informal rooms such as a family room, home theater, office, or game room. Personally, I would be looking to put it somewhere where the cat can't reach it since she likes to try and eat rubber bands. If you don't have this problem then this pillow can be delightful on a couch or easy chair.

Rubber Band Pillow BackRubber Band Pillow Back

While looking like a refugee from an office supply store, the pillow is actually handmade with hundreds of rubber bands in red, blue, yellow, and green stitched on to the front. It is just asking to be touched, handled, and even snapped. All that rubber will add some extra bounce to your next pillow fight too.

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