Want To Play Chess In The Round?

You and a couple of friends are hanging out together and you decide that you want to play a board game. All three of you are in the mood for a rousing (?) game of chess but who has to sit out on deck for a few hours? What to do? Well, odd as it seems all you need to do is get this intriguing Three Player Circular Chess set. The game play manages to retain all of the rules and strategies of classic chess.

 Three Player Circular ChessThree Player Circular Chess

The circular board may make you think of Chinese checkers, but this game is hardly that. Now instead or just black and white armies, you also have the gray. That third element just makes the game more difficult. So are you up for the challenge? 

Even three-dimensional chess on Star Trek was still just for two players. So by being able to accommodate three players, chess is going where no man has gone before. This makes it the perfect game for serious nerds and geeks. 

Three Player Circular ChessThree Player Circular Chess

The big challenge to the new game is playing on a circular board, but still having the same rules for moving your pieces. You are aided in dealing with this new wrinkle by the addition of trajectory lines on the playing surface. This makes the board look like someone used a Spirograph set on it briefly.

This game looks awesome enough that even Sheldon Cooper would be having fun -- though it is hard to tell with him. To order a Three Player Circular Chess set for you and your nerd posse of friends or family, click here.

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