Want To Play With The Walking Dead This Halloween?

There are a number of reasons that you may choose to stay in this Halloween, from bad weather to a touch of a cold. You can still have a good time though. Just plan a simple buffet of body parts with barbecue sauce, some Klingon blood wine, and some pistachio pudding (pus). Put The Monster Mash on the stereo. With just the family or a few close friends you can get out The Walking Dead Monopoly and have a totally creepy and scary time. Winner gets the Gummy Cockroach.

The Walking Dead MonopolyThe Walking Dead Monopoly

The game still has the familiar four corners of Go, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail, but the rest is customized to a world filled with the living dead and working to stay alive amid these scary folk that have overrun our world. It is hard to be in a huge battle with an enemy that is already dead. Basically it is Monopoly stirred up together with Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead MonopolyThe Walking Dead Monopoly

The Community Chest cards are now Supply Chest cards and Chance cards are now Scavenger cards. Houses have become walls and hotels are now guard towers. You still buy, sell, and trade properties, but now you backstab as well. You also fortify your properties for survival. Only one person is coming out of this game alive and you have to make sure you are that one.

The Walking Dead MonopolyThe Walking Dead Monopoly

The playing pieces leave the dog, the race car, and the shoe in the dust. Now you choose among a Katana (a traditional Japanese sword), Lucille (a baseball bat covered in barbed wire), Rick's Hat (a sheriff's hat), an RV, and an old land-line telephone. I've got dibs on Lucille -- oh, wait, I'm a klutz. I'd better go with the phone instead. At least I know how to use that one.

This will be the most fun you've had on Halloween since you were ten and possibly the most fun you've ever had playing Monopoly. One customer commented that he is never going back to regular Monopoly again. I don't know about that, but it could be the game for a new generation. I'd certainly give it a go.

To order your own The Walking Dead Monopoly game, or one for a friend, click here, or here.

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