Want Police To Catch More Texting Drivers? Now They Can

One of the greatest dangers we face on the road today is texting drivers. We live in a culture that has convinced us that we not only can multi-task, but that we must. This lulls us into the belief that we can really do two things at once no matter what it is. Technology is coming up with a device similar to a radar gun that will allow police to detect people texting while on the move.

Texting Driver (Photo by Ed Poor/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Texting Driver (Photo by Ed Poor/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

A Virginia company, ComSonics, has been working on a device that will detect the residual radio frequencies given off by cellphones in use. The technology is similar to that used by cable repairmen when they look for damage in a cable by detecting leaking transmissions.

One of the most important parts of this technology is that it can detect the differences between a text, a phone call, or a data transfer. That way the device will be able to work in states where phone calls are legal but not texts as well as those where both are illegal. The device is reportedly even capable of determining which person in the car is using the phone so that you won't be pulled over if the passenger is the one texting.

The device is getting close to production. Once it clears such issues as legislative approval and adoption by law enforcement they should be good to go. As far as privacy concerns go, the device is not capable of decrypting the information being texted by drivers.

Giving the police another way to stop you may seem like a pain, but it is better than losing your life over a text that could wait another five minutes.

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