Want A Pool For Your Home? You Could Hide One In Plain Sight

So you want to install a pool. And you want to install a nice patio for entertaining. The problem is that you only have space for one. Wait! That really isn't a problem with Hidden Water Pools. With a cool bit of tech sleight of hand your pool can be cleverly concealed beneath that dream patio. Sure, it is going to cost you more but there are ways that a pool like this will save you money to help offset the additional costs.

Hidden Water Pools (Image via DIY Cozy Home)Hidden Water Pools (Image via DIY Cozy Home)

It almost seems like something out of a James Bond movie. When you are done with the patio and are ready for a swim, a push of a button will make the patio surface begin to descend and sink beneath the waves of the emerging swimming pool. After just a very few minutes your pool is ready for some hot weather play and relaxation.

Hidden Water Pools (You Tube Image)Hidden Water Pools (You Tube Image)

The patio/pool floor is raised and lowered by a hydraulic lift underneath it. When the floor is raised the water rises and drains beneath the platform. This function means that you can adjust the depth of the pool based on who will be using it. It can be adjusted between one inch and six feet.

One of the benefits of this kind of pool system is the security of not having to worry about children and pets falling in when the system is closed. This means that the pool won't need to be fenced and locked.

Hidden Water Pools (You Tube Image)Hidden Water Pools (You Tube Image)

Since the pool is tucked neatly away most of the time there is the benefit of losing less water to evaporation. The pool also needs fewer chemicals which will save money and is easier on the environment. In addition the pool won't need to be cleaned as often.

The pool is available in a number of different sizes and can be either round or rectangular. Additional features such as fountains, lights, and tables can also be included for an additional cost.

I would love to have one of these pools myself, but it might be a little ostentatious for the trailer park. Of course that would be if I could afford one in the first place.

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