Want Popeye Forearms? Get An ATI Weighted Training Glove

ATI Weighted GloveATI Weighted Glove

Weights are a staple in any athletic training program. We have the weight room, weighted belts, ankle weights, weighted vests and now weighted gloves. Designed by former athletes and coaches and made by Athletic Training Innovations, the Weighted Agility Glove promises to improve an athlete's hand speed, forearm strength, hand strength, control and grip. 

ATI Weighted Training GloveATI Weighted Training Glove

The gloves have weights at each phalange and on the top of the hand, providing resistance at each point of hand movement. This is ideal for sports like tennis and baseball, which require a strong grip on the racket or bat. Not only will it improve your grip, it can help you quicken your hands, which is helpful in a wide range of sports, such as basketball, fencing, lacrosse, table tennis, etc. 

Weighted Glove InfoWeighted Glove Info

Each glove is 1.75 pounds (3.5 pounds per pair) and is made of synthetic suede and mesh. It comes in all sizes but also can be adjusted to fit your hand more snugly via Velcro wraps on the wrist and each finger sleeves. The gloves will run you about $60 and can be found on Amazon.

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