Want To Propose To Your Sweetheart? Do It With A Flipbook

There is something about getting ready to pop "the question" that really sends some men into a sweat wanting to do something grand and memorable. Sometimes small and memorable can be just as romantic. Chicago-based artist Ben Zurawski creates awesome custom-made flipbooks for a variety of occasions -- most notably for marriage proposals. These little books can even include a space for the ring at the back of the book.

Flippist Flip Book (Image via Etsy)Flippist Flip Book (Image via Etsy)

Zurawski works with you to find out what your particular story is and then turns your love story into a flip book that ends with a very special marriage proposal. These books are so fun and adorable that your intended will be hard pressed to turn you down.

Flippist Flip Book (Image via Etsy)Flippist Flip Book (Image via Etsy)

As you can imagine, this type of work doesn't come cheap. If you are on a budget you can order a ready-made flip book for your proposal. Either way it is a lovely way to say "I love you" and have a keepsake of this special occasion.

Flippist Flip Book (Image via Geyser of Aswesome)Flippist Flip Book (Image via Geyser of Aswesome)

Zurawski calls his company The Flippist and is willing to create a custom flip book on just about any subject. Start with your engagement and you can go from there to document an entire library of your life together in flip books.

You can also do a whole bunch of other things with flip books -- like Christmas cards, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts. If you can dream it, chances are Zurawski can do it.

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