Want To Put Your Child's Name On An Awesome Storybook Pillow?

The gift of books and a love of reading is one of the greatest things that you can ever give a child. Another gift that can also help foster an interest in books and storytelling is one of these creative Personalized Storybook Pillows that has your child's name in the title and mom and dad's names as the authors. Only one person will ever know what stories live inside the book -- and your child's imagination.

Storybook Pillow -- FrontStorybook Pillow -- Front

The pillows come in four different titles/covers that are made to order for whether your child is a boy or girl, infant or child, race, and hair color. On the reverse side you will find a blurb and a review. You get to write the review. This is so personalized that you will received proofs to make sure that everything is correct before the pillow is created. This means that this product will take longer than most to be delivered to you.

Storybook Pillow -- BackStorybook Pillow -- Back

The fun and charming artwork on the pillow is by Patricia Carlin. As an artist she tried a number of different mediums and approaches and found that simple line drawings worked best for her. When she had a daughter of her own she discovered the power of these little sketches to tell stories and communicate. Now she has channeled that talent into these delightful pillows.

Storybook Pillow -- Infant or Child?Storybook Pillow -- Infant or Child?

This unique item is something that will be treasured fondly for years to come and you will always be remembered for this amazing gift. It will be especially treasured by children with unusual names who will never find their names emblazoned on a mug or one of those tiny license plates. Since this one can be further personalized for them, then it will leave all those off the rack items in the dust.

The Storybook Pillow is also a great way to hug and cuddle a book without risking a devastating paper cut. To order a Personalized Storybook Pillow for a special child in your life, click here.

Storybook Pillow -- A Different TitleStorybook Pillow -- A Different Title