Want A Puzzle For A Desk Top Fridge?

The idea of having a mini fridge at your workstation or by your favorite spot in the living room is such a tempting one. Having one that looks like a giant Rubik's Cube is even more tempting -- especially among the geek world. This cute and tiny Rubik's Cube Fridge is just the thing for keeping your sodas, beer, or snacks cold while you work or relax.

Rubik's Cube FridgeRubik's Cube Fridge

Naturally you cannot turn the squares on this cube so it will remain forever unsolved -- much like my actual Rubik's Cube. I console myself about not being able to solve it by remembering that I did manage to solve Instant Insanity. I would love to further console myself with one of these tiny fridges full of my favorite things.

Rubik's Cube FridgeRubik's Cube Fridge

This is a great thing to have at the office if you work somewhere where you are often pulling in long hours to get projects done on schedule. You can have your food and drink right at hand so that you don't have to get distracted by the break room or your chatty coworkers at the water cooler.

The exterior of the fridge is just 11.5" all the way around so it doesn't take up a lot of space. It is just large enough to hold nine cans of soda -- or six cans and a couple of sandwiches. If you are on a diet it is the perfect place to keep a steady supply of carrot and celery sticks.

Rubik's Cube FridgeRubik's Cube Fridge

One of the cool things that this little fridge can do is flip its personality over and keep things warm. This is helpful for those days when you get stuck bringing a casserole to the department potluck for the boss's birthday. The door also locks to prevent spillage and pillage.

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