Want A Rainbow To Brighten Your Child's Room At Night?

Many children need a night light to help them sleep and there are many different kinds of night lights available out there. However, few are as amazing and charming as the Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room light. At the touch of a button the ethereal beauty of a rainbow is projected across your child's bedroom. It is a great way to keep all of the monsters away and bring the unicorns in to stay.

Uncle Milton's Rainbow in my RoomUncle Milton's Rainbow in my Room

The light is rather strange looking but does indeed cast a rainbow across any room. It uses four AAA batteries to display the rainbow for about ten minutes when it turns off automatically. The best idea is to get an adapter to go with it so that your child can dream of rainbows, unicorns, and pots of gold through the night. You can also choose to view the colors in individual rotationĀ 

Uncle Milton's Rainbow in my RoomUncle Milton's Rainbow in my Room

This would have been a great learning toy for me when I was a tiny tot. I can remember sitting on the back steps of our house with my mother after a rainstorm. She was trying to point out a rainbow to me. It wasn't working. Try as she would to show me I was looking to no avail. The problem was partly semantic. She was talking about a bow as in a curved arc. I was trying to find a pretty ribbon tied in a bow and was completely mystified by the fact I couldn't see one. One of these lights would have saved us both some grief.

Since this product is from Uncle Milton you know that it is meant to be educational. This is a item to demonstrate all the colors of the light spectrum -- or in the case of younger children what a rainbow looks like. The light is recommended for children five and up, though from looking though some You Tube videos parents have bought it for younger children.

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