Want To Ride A Longboard While Strolling With The Kid?

What if not giving up some of your childhood joys was a key to helping save the planet? For some people keeping their skateboard as a mode of transportation stays with them for a number of years. When the spouse and children come along it seems time to grow up and get rid of the board -- but what if you didn't need to? The Longboard Stroller Project is looking at how skateboarding may still be a great idea -- complete with baby on board.

Longboard Stroller (Image via Facebook)Longboard Stroller (Image via Facebook)

International baby mobility experts Quinny, in conjunction with Studio Peter van Riet, has been looking at the idea of urban mobility and how cars, motorcycles, and bicycles don't quite cut it for everybody. With more than half of the world population now living in urban areas it is time to reexamine modes of transportation that are more efficient in terms of space, traffic congestion, and pollution emissions.

Longboard Stroller (Image via Longboardstroller.com)Longboard Stroller (Image via Longboardstroller.com)

The longboard stroller completely fits this ideal. It is a different way of looking at how parents can be mobile without the stereotypical minivan, or the not so stereotypical bike and baby trailer. It is a modern solution that makes it easy and convenient to travel longer distances in an environmentally conscious way. 

This unique stroller is basically an elongated skateboard with a stroller mounted on the front. Additional features include stroller handles that help you steer and a brake at the back of the board. It can hold children from about 9 months old to 4 ½ years old.

The company is still working on prototypes and testing to make sure that they have the best and safest model possible before launching the product. Last month a testing event for the longboard stroller was held in Barcelona and a lot of positive feedback was received on the safety of the board and on the comfort of the child.

Hopefully this strange new contraption will be available soon and will start to become a part of the modern urban landscape. I know I live in a city where this could really become popular.

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