Want To Scrub Your Nails With An Actual "Nail" Brush?

Being very literal can lead to some great puns and if there is one thing I love it is pun a goo pun. That is why I was immediately drawn to this Nail Brush made from an actual nail. It is just the sort of cool design that is just right for the macho tool guy who feels out of place using one of the dainty little plastic brushes that women buy for the family.

Nail BrushNail Brush

One of the handy things about this design is that you can also use the point of the nail to excavate the dirt from under your nails that the brush can't quite reach. That is something that the standard nail brush can't manage. This difference alone can make this brush an attractive choice for everyone. It is also well-crafted, sturdy, and designed to last. 

While the Nail Brush is not made in the USA, there is still a great underlying reason for buying one. The brushes are made by blind craftspeople. The workshop is located in the former Home for the Blind in Berlin and employs traditional craft techniques that were developed over the past century and more by the Institute for the Blind.

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