Want To See A Dream Come True? Wishes Delivered By UPS

With the holiday season upon us it means that advertisers are going to do more to tug at our heartstrings to get us to send our holiday spending their way. With UPS and their Wishes Delivered campaign that may not be totally a bad thing. In exchange for some great advertising copy they are making a few wishes come true -- and one special little boy got to live the dream of a lifetime.

Carson is Surprised with his own UPS Truck (You Tube Image)Carson is Surprised with his own UPS Truck (You Tube Image)

Four-year-old Carson Kight's big dream was to be a UPS delivery driver after being friends with his local UPS driver for more than a year. Driver Ernest Lagasca, or Mr. Ernie as Carson calls him, is a 26-year veteran of driving for the venerable delivery company. Mr. Ernie and Carson met while Mr. Ernie was making deliveries in the Colorado Springs neighborhood where Carson lives.

When Carson was born he couldn't drink milk or take in anything with milk protein in it so shipments of a special infant formula were being delivered to the Kight household. Mr. Ernie would stop by two to three times a week with these deliveries. At first Carson was shy, but eventually his love of trucks got the better of him and he was soon going outside with Mr. Ernie to get a tour of his truck.

 The Tiny UPS Truck (You Tube Image)The Tiny UPS Truck (You Tube Image)

Carson's big dream became to be a UPS delivery driver. He couldn't imagine anything better than to be just like Mr. Ernie.  He loved it so much that he had his own little brown UPS uniform and baseball cap for official business. He was already a living and breathing advertisement for the company, so UPS made him a recipient of one of the wishes they were delivering -- and boy, did they deliver!

Last month the UPS truck pulled up to his house unexpectedly and Mr. Ernie got out. Carson went rushing out to see his old friend. Then he got the surprise of a lifetime when they opened up the truck and pulled out a tiny UPS truck built just for him. While cameras rolled he pulled real little packages together, loaded them up on his little truck and delivered them to the neighbors. For a four-year-old he's not a bad driver either.

 Carson and Mr. Ernie Share a Sandwich (You Tube Image)Carson and Mr. Ernie Share a Sandwich (You Tube Image)

During the past week UPS released their commercial starring Carson and Mr. Ernie so that the whole world can share in their story of friendship. Little doubt is left as to what Carson wants to be when he grows up -- at least for now. 

Sadly Mr. Ernie is no longer the driver on Carson's route. He's on a "retirement route" now. The two still keep in touch though. Carson's older brother even goes to school with Mr. Ernie's son.  According to Carson's mother, no one else can really fill the shoes of the role model that Mr. Ernie has been to her son.

 Carson Drives his Truck (You Tube Image)Carson Drives his Truck (You Tube Image)

The resulting advertisement is fun, cute, and sure to pull on the old heart strings. It will also keep UPS and what brown did for Carson in your mind for some time. To some it may come across as a bit of a gimmick, but it doesn't hurt to make a few dreams come true along the way. Check out the commercial below.

During this holiday season UPS will be donating $1 for every wish submitted to #WishesDelivered to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army or Toys for Tots Literacy Program.

Oh, and I'm just guessing here, but I'd say that the ID number on that little truck is his birthdate.

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