Want To See It Rain Inside An Airport?

Kinetic Rain is an amazing and mesmerizing moving sculpture that has been set up in Terminal 1 of Singapore's Changi Airport. The sculpture was created for and was installed as a part of the terminal's refurbishment by the German design firm Art+Com. It comes across as giant raindrops moving in a carefully choreographed dance routine. It has been billed as the world's largest kinetic sculpture.

Kinetic Rain (You Tube Image)Kinetic Rain (You Tube Image)

The sculpture is in two sections installed several yards apart. Each section consists of 608 aluminum "raindrops" coated in highly polished copper. Each drop is suspended by a thin steel wire and has a computer-controlled motor inside that directs the movement of the drop. The entire sculpture measures approximately 32' x 13'. It is set up to run through 16 different movements in a 15-minute loop. The drops dance in and out of different shapes including kites, a flight of birds, and an airplane.

Kinetic Rain (You Tube Image)Kinetic Rain (You Tube Image)

In 2013 a Chinese woman in a white dress climbed over the railing to stand on the netting below the sculpture. She reached for the drops and damaged the sculpture. While it was reported that she did it as a piece of performance art, she was later arrested under the Mental Health Act.

Woman Disrupts Kinetic Rain (Image via NewNation)Woman Disrupts Kinetic Rain (Image via NewNation)

Kinetic Rain is a piece that adds a calming, contemplative, and even meditative energy to the busy airport terminal where people are often rushed, stressed, and irritable. Because of its placement, the sculpture can be viewed from below, above, and all sides.

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