Want To Serve Your Tea On A Topographical Tray?

There are all sorts of serving trays out there, but none are quite as unusual as the Confluence Tray. This tray takes me back to 8th grade science class when we learned how to make a topographical map. In that case it was the fictional Mount Blobberdink. In this case you can name all of the mountains and valleys yourself. Perhaps the plateau upon which you rest your tea pot could be Mount Darjeeling.

The Confluence Tray (Image via Artonomos)The Confluence Tray (Image via Artonomos)

There is something intriguing, soothing, and even meditative about looking at the flow and confluence of the lines. It just seems go naturally with the relaxed and civilized activity of drinking tea. Just like a real landscape it provides hills, valleys, and steep ravines. The hills provide areas where your teapot, cups, and such can rest safely. The valleys catch any liquid spills and allows them to run downhill toward the center of the tray. It is all unbelievably Zen and a great way to wind down into your true self after a long and taxing day.

The Confluence Tray (Image via Artonomos)The Confluence Tray (Image via Artonomos)

This cool tray was created by a Hong Kong-based design team that describes the appearance of the tray as "undulating." That it most certainly what it is. The Confluence is created from layers of birch plywood. The alternating layers of the dark and light seams create the topographic pattern as the hills and valleys are cut into the surface.

Both sides of the tray are carved so that the bottom is just as fascinating and mesmerizing as the top. Since it rests on just four points it gives the impression of floating on your table top. When not in use it makes an awesome display piece for the living or dining rooms.

The Confluence Tray (Image via Artonomos)The Confluence Tray (Image via Artonomos)

While the idea of plywood can make something sound cheap and cheesy, this piece was created by true artisans and is carved and polished to an incredible level of perfection. It is also a limited edition piece which is code for "it's gonna cost ya." But no one ever said that works of art were gonna come cheap. This is one of those things that will be handed down in your family for generations.

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