Want To Sleep On A Bed Of French Fries?

If there is one food that we get obsessed with in this country (pizza notwithstanding) it is French fries. It seems that everyone has an opinion on where to buy the best fries in town. So if you are ready to elevate your fry obsession to a whole new level, then you may want to try resting your weary bones in a bed of fries when you come home at night with a Supersize Bed.

Supersize Bed (Image via Geekologie)Supersize Bed (Image via Geekologie)

The bed was created by designer Cecilia Carey and "architectural food smith" Harry Parr. It is probably no coincidence that this three-dimensional ode to fries (or chips as they are called in the bed's home country) looks like an order from McDonald's. Those are the fries that seem to be most commonly scored at the top of the heap.

The fry box is filled with removable fries that are all pillows for your lounging comfort -- or to build a French fry fort with. No worries about mom yelling at you for playing with your food this time. Imagine what a great food fight you can have with these pillows too!

Supersize Bed (Image via Geekologie)Supersize Bed (Image via Geekologie)

To my mind the finishing touch would be finding a quilt maker who could put together a quilt that looks like a giant hamburger, complete with appliqued sesame seeds. A pair of Coco-Cola nightstands would really finish off the meal -- just right for a Big Mac Attack.

The bed can be built to any mattress size. You can contact Carey for pricing.

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