Want To Smell Like A Nerd?

Somehow you never really think of nerds as having a smell unless they forget to shower or get struck by lightning and their pocket protector starts to melt. Granted they aren't generally the sort of people who are going to drench themselves in cloying fragrance either. Some perfumer has decided that smelling like a nerd is something to be desired and has created Eau de Nerd cologne.

Eau de Nerd XYEau de Nerd XY

Okay, this is more the scent FOR the nerd. It comes in two separate fragrances -- XX for the ladies and XY for the gents. Not a big stretch there. It is just the thing for his and her nerds. They aren't heavy aromas guaranteed to drop an elephant at ten paces, but cleaner, simpler, fresher scents.

Eau de Nerd XXEau de Nerd XX

The XX scent is refreshing and uplifting with notes of jasmine and carnations. The XY scent is more woodsy and masculine with subtle floral notes and a touch of mint. Each bottle contains 2 ounces of fragrance to make nerds a little more acceptable to those around them.

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