Want Some Ice Cream For The Road? Try Pothole Ice Cream

Spring has arrived and for many of us in the northern latitudes that mean one thing -- pothole season has also arrived. Those chasms in the street can mean serious tire damage for some. Places like Detroit are hard pressed to make sure that they can find the funding to get all the repairs done. One ice cream parlor in Michigan, Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream of Shelby, Michigan, has created Pothole Ice Cream to honor this special time of year.

Pothole Ice Cream (Image via Detroit Eater)Pothole Ice Cream (Image via Detroit Eater)

The concoction starts with a base of chocolate ice cream and adds in black tar fudge and chunks of asphalt chocolate. To tell the truth this ice cream is up any chocolate lover's alley. It also has a certain street appeal for regular ice cream aficianados as well. For me it sounds like it paves the road to heaven.

The ice cream is more than just a fun and tasty flavor to make fun out of a serious problem. It is also out to address the problem directly. A portion of the sales of the ice cream is being donated to the State of Michigan to help fill all those potholes and get those roads smoothed out again.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is not too proud to take the donations either. The unusually cold winter there has made a real mess of the roads and some of the potholes are so dangerous that drivers in Macomb County are encouraged to call 911 when they encounter them.

Granted, the proceeds from the Pothole Ice Cream will barely make a dent in the budget, but what tastier wat to help out in a rocky situation?

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