Want A Spring Toy That Moves Like Magic But Doesn't Slink?

We have all known the joy of playing with a simple spring through the Slinky, but that isn't the only spring out there that is amazing and magical to goof around with. There is also the Toroflex Kinetic Spring Toy. While this spring can't walk downstairs alone or in pairs, it can do a bit of moving and climbing under the right conditions. When not in use it even stores flat.

Toroflex Kinetic Spring ToyToroflex Kinetic Spring Toy

The Toroflex is a cool, interactive toy made of a single thin strand of metal. It comes with its own carry bag so that you can store it easily and take it with you to share the fun with others. It may start out flat but easily pops out into its full shape ready to play and amaze.

Toroflex Kinetic Spring ToyToroflex Kinetic Spring Toy

This addictive spring toy can be put over your hand to run up and down your bare arms, and even pass it back and forth with someone else. You can also play with it by running it up and down a curved tube -- such as an extension cord or garden hose -- which make it look like a metallic soap bubble. Check out the video below to see how amazing this spring can be when paired with a steel ball.

Toroflex Kinetic Spring ToyToroflex Kinetic Spring Toy

Much like the Slinky, the Toroflex is made from a single strand of metal and has a certain level of delicacy. If any part of it becomes bent or is handled roughly it will cease to work as intended.

Ultimately, the Toroflex is a mesmerizing and addictive bit of fun that doesn't require electricity or a USB port. To get one of these amazing Toroflex Kinetic Spring Toys, click here.

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