Want Star Wars To Light Up Your Home? Try This Lightsaber Lamp

Even though it has been nearly 40 years since the first Star Wars movie hit the big screen and changed the face of American culture forever it is still one of the most popular movie franchises out there. Perhaps that is why it still has such a huge effect on merchandising and collecting. This awesome Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp is a great way for fans of the original trilogy to display their love for these movies.

Star Wars Lightsaber LampStar Wars Lightsaber Lamp

The lamp's stem is made up of the three lightsaber's from those movies -- Luke's, Obi Wan's, and Vader's. The lamp's shade depicts the characters from the movies in iconic poses. It is so cool it just makes you want to say "Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?" or "Use the Force, Luke!" What you won't be saying is "What a piece of junk!"

The lightsaber is the relic of a simpler time. It is more elegant than a blaster. It will also slice the butter and melt it at the same time. Okay, that last part is just me. But the lightsaber is the most iconic weapon of the Star Wars movies and lent a quality of old-time swashbuckling to a tale of the future. 

Star Wars Lightsaber LampStar Wars Lightsaber Lamp

This lamp pays tribute to the lightsaber, Star Wars, and George Lucas. It is the perfect little piece for true Star Warriors to light up a dark corner of their starship, er, home. The artistry of the shade is done by Steve Anderson who is known for his realistic covers for Star Wars novels. The lamp is also officially licensed by Lucasfilm, Ltd.

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May the Force be With You!