Want To Stay Safe During Poker Games? Use Bullet Proof Cards

With all of the computer card games and online gaming websites, it is amazing that the plain old standard deck of playing cards still exists. But there are things that playing cards in person can't be done on the computer -- like bluffing and reading tells. So how do you update cards for life in the modern world? Make them bullet-proof of course.

Sly Kly Playing Cards (Image via Kickstarter)Sly Kly Playing Cards (Image via Kickstarter)

Playing cards originated in China and the earliest known evidence of them dates back to around 900 A.D. The cards have evolved a great deal over the centuries. The deck we currently use is considered the French version. Many a gambler was reportedly shot over a game. Maybe that wouldn't have been quite so deadly if the cards had been bullet-proof.

Okay, these playing cards aren't meant to be bullet proof -- that is just the side effect of the materials used in manufacturing. The original playing cards made by Sly Kly are made from 100% carbon fiber strands woven into a fabric that is then covered with resin. This card has been popular, but has faced a few challenges that have been corrected.

Sly Kly Playing Cards (Image via Kickstarter)Sly Kly Playing Cards (Image via Kickstarter)

The second generation playing cards have the same carbon fiber weave, but it is now intermingled with Kevlar. That's right, the same stuff as they use to make bullet proof vests. This addition allows the cards to be more flexible like regular playing cards. Both the first and second generation of cards are coated in plastic to keep the printed designs from chipping or cracking. Each deck of cards comes with a metal case.

These cards are an awesome idea and fueled with plenty of testosterone. I can't help but think of those scenes in movies of the Old West when some gunfighter is challenged to shoot a hole in a playing card that is thrown in the air. Imagine taking one of these Sly Kly cards and challenging the gunfighter to put a hole in it. The look on the guy's face would be priceless.

Sly Kly Playing Cards (Image via Kickstarter)Sly Kly Playing Cards (Image via Kickstarter)

Sly Kly is seeking funding for getting the cards to market on Kickstarter. Only a few days in and the project is already funded by more than 50%. If the company reaches its stretch goals then it will be able to expand the range of colors available and even make decks of cards that are 100% Kevlar. 

Just think of how cool you would be showing up at your Thursday night poker game with a deck of these bad boys!

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