Want This Strange Innovation? Squeeze Bacon

Now Swedes are not exactly known for their cuisine. Aside from their meatballs most people have never eaten Swedish food. In some cases this is a good thing -- like the horror that is Lutefisk (a whitefish that has been cured in lye). Then there is lefse, an item similar to a tortilla that non-Scandinavians have been known to mistake for a napkin. However, there is one product coming out of Sweden that should be extremely popular in America (both the U.S. and Canada) -- Squeez Bacon®.

 Squeez Bacon®Squeez Bacon®

Bacon, which many of us consider the food of the gods, is something that would be very hard to improve upon. In the years following World War II a Swedish chef (insert your own Muppet joke here) developed a special way to process bacon so that it could be placed in a bottle and squeezed out onto any other food. 

Before you give an outright "Ewwwww!" to Vilhelm Lillefläsk's creation just stop and think of how much fun it could be. What a laugh it would be to bring it to the next company potluck! Buy it for mom for mother's day with a cute note about her cooking (take care to make it really cute or else . . .). Or that special gag birthday gift to see if it will really make them gag.

Squeez Bacon®Squeez Bacon®

Squeez Bacon® is 100% bacon with nothing else added. The ooze factor is brought about simply through mechanical processing.so it is just as healthy (?) as regular bacon. The product is bottled in Sweden, but all of that tasty bacon was bred and raised in America. Each bottle contains the equivalent of 64 slices of bacon. It needs no refrigeration and has an astounding shelf life of 12 years which makes it perfect for apocalyptic preppers, or, if you are like me, you will mislay it for a number of years.

My main question here is does it stay crispy? I'm guessing not, but when it comes to bacon, flavor is key.  And who cares if it ever squirts out looking like a dog turd? It's still bacon! So bon appetit! Er, um, well, smaklig måltid!

If you'd like to give Squeez Bacon® a try, click here.

Source: Think Geek