Want A Table That Will Glow In The Dark? Make Your Own

There are some cool things out there for those who like to DIY and this table is right up there. I could see my dad (who was once a shop teacher) being all over this awesome Glow Table. With the right rotting wood, and a mix of clear casting resin and blue glow in the dark powder, you can wow your friends and family.

 Glow Table (Image via Cool Things)Glow Table (Image via Cool Things)

This cool project was designed by Mikeasaurus at Instructables. He chose pecky cypress wood for the project. This wood is from regular cypress trees that have been infested with fungus. This turns crappy wood into a great finished product. He started with some cutting and sanding, and then removed the rot and debrided the resulting holes to fill them with the resin and powder mix.

Glow Table (Image via Instructables)Glow Table (Image via Instructables)

There are quite a few other steps in there to get to a finished table, but you can find complete instructions here, on the Instructables website. Chipping the rot out of the lumber may be a bit tedious, but the result is worth the time spent. The table is finished off with pre-made metal legs. 

 Glow Table (Image via Cool Things)Glow Table (Image via Cool Things)

Mike recommends placing the table either outside or in a room where it will get plenty of sunlight. The amount of sunlight that the table gets will affect the length of time the glow will last after dark. 

This process can be used for any number of woodworking projects. So if you are into that sort of DIY hobby, you can expand and have a lot of fun creating your own designs to go with this table. I know my dad would have. He enjoyed designing and making furniture.

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