Want To Take Your Selfie To The Mayonnaise Level?

This whole selfie trend seems to be getting more and more out of control. Not only do we share them with everyone on the planet, they are starting to take a larger part of the stage in popular culture. So why not just go all the way and have your selfie portrait done in mayo on your burger? Okay. This "trend" is an advertising stunt, not something headed into your kitchen.

Burger Selfie (You Tube Image)Burger Selfie (You Tube Image)

You have to get pretty creative when you are trying to sell a condiment that has been around for decades. Hellmann's, the mayonnaise giant, along with the advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather London, has produced a new advertising campaign based on the current trend of Life Hacks. The campaign, titled "Hellman's Summer Hacks," features small pieces of digital content to be used in connection with social media showing how to make outdoor eating more fun.

The campaign includes a number of short film clips and images which shows ideas such as how to turn an empty Hellmann's jar into a picnic, an easy way to keep burgers warm after cooking and a selection of new recipes using the popular mayonnaise brand, and using mayonnaise to print a "selfie" onto a burger.

Burger Selfie Being Printed (You Tube Image)Burger Selfie Being Printed (You Tube Image)

No longer is Hellman's just the condiment of a great sandwich or the savory glue that binds a potato salad together. It has jumped into the 21st century on the selfie bandwagon. Or has it?

Technically, these photos are not selfies. Watch the video and you will see that it is the printer tech who takes the photograph, uploads it into a computer, and then prints the image onto a burger. Still, it is pretty cool, and tons of fun. This burger shack isn't coming to you anytime soon, though, for it was just for the ad.

One of the problems I see with the mayo printing on a burger (or any sandwich really) is that it just doesn't put enough of the condiment on to satisfy. I am one of those people who is uncompromising in my enjoyment of mayonnaise. The other is that it would be difficult to put the bun down and start eating yourself. Even if you take a selfie or your selfie, you just can't have your burger and eat it too.

Since these problems don't really exist, I am just going to slather my ham sandwich with Hellman's, sit back, and enjoy watching the video a few more times.

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