Want To Taste Spring With Your Burger? Get Sakura Fries

McDonald's has been celebrating spring in Japan with Sakura Fries. Sakura is Japanese for the cherry blossom and said blossom is the iconic symbol of the season for the island nation. The burger giant is offering small packets of "sakura" seasoning to their patrons so they can add it to their fries if they so choose. It is the perfect thing for people who love to try unusual flavors.

McDonald's Sakura French Fries (Image via Brand Eating)McDonald's Sakura French Fries (Image via Brand Eating)

Technically they are called sakura nourishio french fries. That literally translates to "cherry blossom seaweed french fries." The seasoning packet contains ground cherry blossoms, seaweed, and salt and costs just a few yen more than the usual order of fries.

To make use of the seasoning packet, McDonald's provides an extra paper bags. You put your fries and the seasoning together in the bag and shake away. This action lightly covers your fries with sakura and you are ready to go.

These fries will be around through early May, and even though I am a fry purist, if I were in Japan I would probably try them. To say you've tasted cherry blossoms would be worth it.

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