Want To Tell Your Fortune With This Magical Bacon?

Among those of us who haven't given up meat many of us consider bacon the food of the gods. Perhaps that is why there is such a thing as Fortune-Telling Bacon. This product comes from Radiant Farms in Ireland where the Sisters also raise unicorns and dragons for canning. This particular kind of bacon is made from flying pigs and is completely inedible.

Fortune-Telling BaconFortune-Telling Bacon

The package comes with 50 small strips of bacon -- enough for an office party, family reunion, or a big bash at home. Or you could save it all for yourself and some quality alone time. No matter how you choose to use them you are likely to have fun. Each piece is individually wrapped to keep it fresh.

All you do is unwrap a piece of this magical bacon and place it on the palm of your hand and wait for your reading. If it moves left then it means Chewy Goodness. Right means Crispy. If both end move then you are Sizzling Hot. If the sides curl then it is Canadian, eh. If it flips over it is a bit Spicy. If it curls up entirely then it is on the Greasy side. If it is motionless then, oh horror, it is Vegetarian. The bacon comes with a list of what your fortune reveals about you. 

Fortune-Telling BaconFortune-Telling Bacon

If you are worried about all of these special little piggies becoming bacon, you can rest assured that they are kept in the lap of luxury, fed well, and turned into bacon once they die of natural causes. That is the strange thing about flying pigs -- once they die they automatically turn into fortune-telling bacon. It is a beautiful thing. 

While this special bacon is inedible, sometimes you can get more than one fortune out of a single piece. It all depends on how much magic is used on each try. You could consider really going overboard and have a whole bacon themed party -- complete with several kinds of real bacon, bacon candy, and even bacon beer. Wow! I'm coming!

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