Want To Tend To Your Knitting With A Bowl Of Yarn?

Knitting and crocheting have been around for many hundreds of years as a way to make clothing and other textile goods. Now they are mostly practiced by individuals as a hobby or as an independent artisan at craft fairs and on websites like Etsy. One of the universal problems knitters and crocheters face is having that ball of yarn trying to make a sudden getaway. This can be a problem no more with the help of a Yarn Bowl.

Make Waves Yarn BowlMake Waves Yarn Bowl

The practice of knitting is known to date back to the end of the first millennium A.D. in Egypt and for many centuries was a primarily male occupation. The first evidence of crocheting is much more recent, having first appeared in popularity during the early 19th century. These days both are common leisure time activities.

Birdie Yarn BowlBirdie Yarn Bowl

The escaping of yarn balls, while fun for the cat, can be a serious problem for yarn workers. It is an issue that I have faced for many years. I found a marginally effective solution in keeping my ball of yarn in a small brown paper bag that I had cut down, but there always seemed to come a point when that ball still made a run for it. Yarn has a way of picking up all of the hair, fur, and lint that it comes into contact with so you want to keep it from running loose about the floor.

Create Yarn BowlCreate Yarn Bowl

These days you can get something called a Yarn Bowl to help keep your ball of yarn neat, clean, and in place. They are largely handmade by individual potters using their own designs. This gives the bowls the same age-old arts and crafts feel of knitting itself. Since each of the bowls is handmade they are essentially functional works of art that can dress up your craft room or living room.

Each bowl comes with a hooked slot and several holes for you to choose how you want your yarn to be fed to you as you work. The design is meant to keep your yarn from knotting, tangling, or escaping from you -- and in artisanal style. The bowls can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth and happily reused for many years as you relax after a long day with your favorite yarn work.

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