Want These Funny Innovations? BBQ Aprons For Dad

It can be very trying to try to find just the right gift for dad for Father's Day. Since many dads are masters of the backyard grill, you may want to consider a barbecue apron to match his personality or sense of humor. Here are a few to consider from the udderly ridiculous to "formal" attire. Then you can top it all off with one of those puffy chef's hats.

This Cow Novelty Apron is a moooving item and comes complete with udder. It is udderly ridiculous and totally fun. Grilling isn't going to cow dad while he is wearing this apron. It can also do double duty as a part of a cow Halloween costume.

Cow Novelty ApronCow Novelty Apron

The Homer Simpson Apron will allow your dad to take on the persona of his favorite television cartoon dad. It will also make more sense when he says "DOH!" than when he says it randomly and out of context. The apron is a licensed Simpsons product.

Homer Simpson ApronHomer Simpson Apron

The Tuxedo Apron can upgrade your usual summer barbecue to gracious outdoor living. Dad will look like he could fill in the jobs of maitre'd, wine steward, and master chef dressed up with this apron. Your patio will never seem the same again.

Tuxedo ApronTuxedo Apron

Top any of these cool BBQ aprons with an Adjustable Chef's Hat for just a few bucks more. Let your dad know that you think he is as good at grilling as he thinks he is. After all, he is a legend in his own mind.

Adjustable Chef's HatAdjustable Chef's Hat

To order the Cow Novelty Apron, click here. To order the Homer Simpson Apron, click here. To order the Tuxedo Apron, click here. To order the Adjustable Chef's Hat, click here.

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