Want A Trash Can That Reuses Grocery Bags?

Even though many progressive communities are trying to outlaw plastic shopping bags, we still seem to manage to end up with piles of these bags. We stuff them inside closets, drawers, and even other bags. They seem to breed like rabbits even though we seek to reuse and recyle. In short -- they are generally a mess. You can make easy use of those bags for trash with the help of the Urbano Eco Trash Can.

Urbano Eco Trash CanUrbano Eco Trash Can

The ingenious design of this trash can allows not only for the handy use of these bags, but as the storage for them as well. All you need to do is thread each bag onto the ends beneath the tabs so that they basicaly stack on one another. Then you hang the final bag on those tabs so that it will hang for use.

Once the bag is full you pull it off the tabs, tie the handles and off to the trash can it goes. Then you just pull the handles of the next bag up over the tabs and you are ready to go again. It is a great way to keep your bags organized and ready to use.

This clever trash can was designed by Kevin McElroy, a designer who likes to create "human-centered," innovative projects. This item won the Pratt Product Design Competition in 2005.

The trash can comes in green or black and is made in the U.S.A. from recycled plastic. I want one for every room in the house. To order an Urbano Eco Trash Can for your home, click here.

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