Want To Try Something New And Exotic? How About Crocodile Ice Cream?

Did you ever think that you would hear about anything as strange as Crocodile Ice Cream? Okay, maybe in a cartoon, but this is a real thing. It the signature food featured at a sweet shop in the Philippines and comes in three tasty flavors popular in Asia -- durian, pandan, and dragon fruit. Americans being as squeamish as most of us are over unusual food, this sounds a bit stomach churning.

Crocodile Ice Cream (Image via Facebook)Crocodile Ice Cream (Image via Facebook)

Before you get ready to start an online petition, there is no croc meat in this sweet treat. Instead the ice cream is simply made with unfertilized crocodile eggs rather than chicken eggs. The result is reported to be a smoother and creamier concoction.

It all started when the owners of the shop, Dino and Bianca, were offered a bunch of crocodile eggs from Dino's uncle, who owns and runs the nearby Davao Crocodile Park. They accepted the gift, unsure of just what they were going to do with the eggs in their little store known as Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream. Dino finally decided to try the croc eggs instead of chicken eggs in their homemade ice cream. The result was delicious.

The ice cream comes in three flavors that are popular in Asia: Durian, which is a spiky fruit with a strong odor and a flavor that people either love or despise; Pandan, which is a flavoring that comes from the green leaves of a plant and is reminiscent of the smell of white bread or Basmati rice; or Dragon Fruit, which is mildly sweet and tastes something like melon or kiwi.

Crocodile Ice Cream (Image via Facebook)Crocodile Ice Cream (Image via Facebook)

Since crocodiles are endangered, the only eggs that are used are ones that don't develop or that are considered surplus. Dino and Bianca claim that these eggs are more nutritious than hen's eggs and therefore the ice cream is healthier for you.

Now, if Crocodile Ice Cream sounds like something you just have to get your tongue around it'll cost you. Sweet Spot is the only place in the world where you can get this tasty treat so book your passage to the Philippines soon! And don't forget the Lactaid. If you have any digestive issues this product could just bite you back!

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