Want To Turn Any Container Into A Cute Piggy Bank?

This little piggy isn't going to market, but he might be rooting around for something to eat. He's always got his snout into something -- well, theoretically. This little piggy really has no snout. The Greedy Pig Piggy Bank is all about the end, the backside, the round little rump, the keister, the tuchas -- and saving money.

Greedy Pig Piggy BankGreedy Pig Piggy Bank

This little piggy butt fits into any number of containers to turn it into a piggy bank for collecting your spare change or teaching your kids about saving money. It is adorable and makes a fun knickknack to have around while it is waiting for your next cash deposit.

Greedy Pig Piggy BankGreedy Pig Piggy Bank

You can get creative with what you use to finish the pig's appearance -- from mugs and glasses to tin cans and jars. It is a little creepy though to see the headless pig stuffed into a clear glass container. You may want to keep to opaque and solid colors. Unless it is Halloween. Then a headless pig would be right in step with the season.

To get this Greedy Pig Piggy Bank for yourself or as a gift (Christmas is coming!), click here.

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Greedy Pig Piggy BankGreedy Pig Piggy Bank

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