Want To Turn Meal Planning Into A Game?

Sometimes trying to decide what to have for dinner gets kind of boring as you run through your usual repertoire of recipes. Two sisters, Liz and Sarah Downey, have created a new and fun way to choose what to cook with the roll of the dice with these interesting and clever Foodie Dice. The nine dice can be thrown to discover what's for dinner this time around.

Foodie DiceFoodie Dice

The dice let you take a gamble on making sure that no two meals are alike as you take on a new adventure in the kitchen whether you are new to cooking or an old hand. There are five primary dice that offer protein choices, cooking methods, carb choices, and herbs. Four secondary dice offer a selection of seasonal veggies to round out your meal.

All you need to do is shake up those dice and roll to accept your food challenge du jour. There are more than 180,000 possible combinations with these dice so you should be able to keep the ideas for dinner fresh for years to come. This little game is a great way to also work on your risk tolerance and your ability to go with the flow.

Foodie DiceFoodie Dice

The dice are made from sanded birch wood with the ingredients laser engraved on their sides. No matter how often you shoot these dice you are hardly likely to "crap out."

To order a set of Foodie Dice for yourself or as a gift for that special foodie friend, click here.