Want To Turn You Bathroom Into Your Bath Realm?

The toilet has long been referred to as the "throne." Probably to go along with the tired old cliché that a man's home is his castle. Still, what fun it would be to turn your bathroom into your "bath realm" since that is where the throne is. Images of knights, fair maidens, and dragons may abound. You could start with this A Knight To Remember Gothic Bath Tissue Holder and be the envy of all you survey.

 A Knight To Remember Gothic Bath Tissue HolderA Knight To Remember Gothic Bath Tissue Holder

This knight errant has one of the most important missions in the entire bath realm (except for a properly flushing throne), that of the holder of the royal scroll of toilet paper. No trusty scribe is necessary for this scroll, but you will have it protected by a guy who wears more than just a full metal jacket.

The knight by Design Toscano is armored in sturdy designer resin to last for years and hand painted to appear pewter with gold accents. He holds your loo rolls with his gauntlets, ready to take on all comers (um, er, goers). 

Of course, a single piece does not a bath realm make. You can also add another touch of the past to your necessary room with this Crusader's Great Helm Gothic Trash Bin. It will help you remember ye olde days of blood and glory every time you take out the trash. 

Crusader's Great Helm Gothic Trash BinCrusader's Great Helm Gothic Trash Bin

You could also use it as a place to keep extra clean towels, or even all your throne cleaning products. The bin is also made of resin and painted to look like metal.

All you need now is some dragon faucets and an ermine-trimmed red velvet shower curtain. Okay. That may be a bit extreme, but you get the idea of what comes next. A bathmat with the French fleur-de-lis wouldn't go amiss either.

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