Want To Turn Your Gift Wrap Into Animals?

There is something extra special about gifts that are wrapped so beautifully that you hesitate to tear into them. I have always envied people with the skill and talent to be able to do that. Now you can get a kit to help you turn your gifts into fun animals -- especially for the kids or your animal loving family and friends. This Animal Gift Wrap Kit we can all look amazingly talented and brilliant.

Animal Gift WrapAnimal Gift Wrap

You can turn Christmas and birthdays into Noah's Ark. The kit comes with enough paper, stickers, and cutouts to wrap 6 presents. You get the instructions for how to make 24 different animals. All you need to get going (aside from the gift and a box) is scissors, glue, and tape. 

To start out you just wrap the present as usual with the wrapping paper provided. No trick there. Then you go through the stickers and choose the right eyes, nose, mouth, and so on to add to the exterior of the package. The next stage requires enough dexterity to use a pair of scissors to cut out tails, ears, feet, wings, fins, flippers, and what have you to glue on in the appropriate places. 

Animal Gift WrapAnimal Gift Wrap

With one quick and fun craft project you have a wrapped a present to be the envy of all you survey. It is likely to be amazing enough to make the giftee stop and think about if he/she even wants to bother with what's inside (but they will, after all, the gift IS from you);

Once you have used the kit you might even become inspired enough to make up some of your own critters for wrapping. You might even have found that a new hobby for that 15 minutes of spare time you have every month.

Source: Luckies