Want An Umbrella You Can Share With The Love Of Your Life?

No matter how hard you try, sharing a single umbrella is a difficult task unless you are walking around with one of those large patio umbrellas. Some have tried to create single umbrellas large enough to do the job, but it always seems that someone's backside ends up hanging out just a bit. This Two Person Umbrella provides a separate canopy for each person to give fuller coverage, and yet retain that level of intimacy that belongs to a couple. It is perfect for a romantic stroll in the rain.

 Two Person UmbrellaTwo Person Umbrella

This double-stemmed umbrella comes with a single handle so that you can hold it together while holding hands or one can hold while the other carries something or digs in her purse (or for his wallet). It is a vastly updated version of two people sharing a milkshake at the malt shop.

Red Two Person UmbrellaRed Two Person Umbrella

The single button function of this brollie makes it smooth and easy to open. You can keep dry with your choice of red or dark blue. The two canopies together measure four feet across so that you both will be well-covered and yet snuggled close together. This makes a great gift for your favorite cozy couple. It could make them so sweet you might go into sugar shock.

Dark Blue Two Person UmbrellaDark Blue Two Person Umbrella

When I see this umbrella I can't help but think of the song "Bus Stop" by the Hollies which lauds the umbrella as one of the great tools out there for romance. It is something that can start so innocently without any lame pick up line -- and it is way more chivalrous.

To order a Two Person Umbrella for yourself and your significant other or as a gift, click here for red, click here for blue

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