Want This Updated Product? The USB Pet Rock

Back in the 70s we were a bit crazy. We were into kitschy products like mood rings and lava lamps. We ate pudding from a can. And we went absolutely nuts over spending some serious bucks to buy a rock. That is people bought a Pet Rock. It was one of the greatest marketing campaigns in history and remains iconic almost 40 years later. Now it is time to pull that rock into a new millennium with the USB Pet Rock.

USB Pet RockUSB Pet Rock

Pet Rocks came into being back in 1975 as the brain child of Gary Dahl, the owner of an advertising agency in Los Gatos, California. He had been listening to friends complain about their pets and it started him thinking about what would be the perfect pet. His idea was a rock. Low maintenance. You didn't have to feed it. You didn't have to walk it. You didn't have to clean up after it. 

Dahl created packaging that looked like a tiny pet carrier, added adoption papers, pedigrees, and paperwork of that sort to go along with -- a rock. Just a rock. And people went crazy for those rocks. Those rocks made him a millionaire in short order. 

USB Pet RockUSB Pet Rock

Yes, I had a pet rock. I still have it. However, I stalked and captured my pet rock in the wild and tamed it myself. It is a lovely bit of igneous rock with a hole in it. Why did I do it? Those Pet Rocks were kind of expensive -- and I was also a rock collector as a child. There is no shortage of wild rocks when you grow up in the Rocky Mountains.

But I digress. The world has changed a great deal over the years and someone has decided to drag those rocks into the 21st century. So now Pet Rocks come equipped with a USB cord so that you can plug yours into your computer. Yes, you heard me. Pet Rocks are now cooler than ever.

USB Pet RockUSB Pet Rock

Having one of these sitting on your desk will let your coworkers know that you are a compassionate and responsible pet owner -- only adopting a pet that you know you can care for. It will also show that you are up with the latest trends and totally cool.

After a couple of weeks add a few pebbles near your USB Pet Rock and tell everyone it had puppies. It is a great way to mess with your coworkers. The ones who laugh are keepers.

What's next? Take your Pet Rock to work day? To order your own USB Pet Rock, click here.

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