Want To Upgrade Your Drawer Pulls? Try These Body Parts

Okay, it is time to upgrade the look of your cabinets and drawers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to change out the pulls with something newer and more modern. While they may not be your taste for the whole house, these creative Ear and Tongue Pulls might cut it for your Goth teen's room or the guest bathroom. Wherever you might choose to put them you are certain to surprise everyone.

Ear and Tongue Pulls (Image via The Grey Area)Ear and Tongue Pulls (Image via The Grey Area)

These clever pulls were designed by Brooklyn-based sculptor Malia Jensen. Her work with functional objects tends to be punnish, funny, and even mildly sadistic. The Ear Pulls echo thoughts of Vincent Van Gogh and his cutting off his own ear to win his lady love (epic fail). The Tongue Pulls are more happily reminiscent of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. Either way you are looking at decorating with something unusual and eye-catching.

Malia Jensen in her Studio (Image via The Grey Area)Malia Jensen in her Studio (Image via The Grey Area)

Jensen's design skills were honed as she grew up in Oregon surrounded by artisans and craftspeople who were inspired by the natural and earthy ethos of the 1970s. This, combined with the elements of her own personality, led her to create art that tends to "turn ordinary actions into surrealistic moments." Surrealistic is definitely the word for grabbing hold of a tongue to get to your socks.

These pulls are designed to last for many years. Over those years they will develop a unique patina as they are used and handled. 

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