Want A Wedding Dress Made Of Divorce Papers?

When 15-year-old Demi Barnes received a class assignment for a project, little did she realize that she was going to create an internet sensation that would be the ultimate visual description of irony. She wanted to make a dress out of recycled materials and had originally planned to use old magazines. She decided that such a material was kind of meaningless and after some deeper thought she chose to use divorce papers instead to create a wedding dress.

A Wedding Dress Made Of Divorce Papers (You Tube Image)A Wedding Dress Made Of Divorce Papers (You Tube Image)

The project was for her GCSE in Art, or General Certificate of Secondary Education. These are academic qualifications in specific subjects. Children in England between the ages of 14 and 16 usually take these in several subjects.

Banes, who lives in the small town of Crowley in England, searched the internet to find the necessary forms to file for divorce. She printed them, filled them out with fake information, and then made a whopping 1,500 copies to design her fantastic gown. 

Demi Banes and her Wedding Dress (Image via Lost At E Minor)Demi Banes and her Wedding Dress (Image via Lost At E Minor)

The dress is strapless with a tight bodice. The skirt is full with a straight panel in front and "ruffles" of gathered paper for the full skirt and short train. It is worked over a wire frame and stapled together, and it took her ten hours to complete. She aimed for a design that echoed thoughts of fairy tale princesses and happily ever after and then crossed it with the juxtaposition of the divorce papers. Irony or not, it is a beautiful design. 

According to Barnes the message that her dress is meant to send is that too many people rush into marriage before they are truly ready which contributes to the high rate of divorce. Mission accomplished!

Back View of the Wedding Dress (Image via Lost At E Minor)Back View of the Wedding Dress (Image via Lost At E Minor)

Barnes put a photo of the dress on Facebook for her cousin to see and her friends started sharing the photo all over the world and it garnered tens of thousands of Likes. There was a flurry of local media coverage and she was even interviewed by the BBC about her school project. There is no word on what grade she ended up receiving for her project, but chances are it was an A+. Something tells me that this young woman may become an artist or designer to watch for in the future.

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