Want Wine To Be in Your Stars? Try An Astrologically Produced White

If you are looking for the perfect white -- say a nice Sauvignon Blanc -- you want to know that every possible step was taken to ensure the quality and taste. With Loxarel's Cora you can. Biodynamics have been employed in the making of this wine from planting to the finished product. That includes making sure that even the stars and planets were consulted astrologically at each stage in the process.

Loxarel Cora (Image via The Dieline)Loxarel Cora (Image via The Dieline)

When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then -- oh, wait, those are song lyrics. Cora isn't about the Age of Aquarius. In Greek mythology Cora is the young and innocent maiden and a unicorn came along and laid its head in the virgin's lap. Therefore the constellation Virgo is the virgin. The constellation symbolizes the highest purity for body and mind. Astrology and astronomy are essential elements in biodynamic farming.

The Loxarel brand of wines are made on a family-owned estate and vineyard west of Barcelona in Spain. The family has owned the land for more than four generations. Of late a new attitude has taken hold in the process -- that of using the most natural methods possible. They even use sheep and goats to defoliate the vines. Since the grapes don't contain glucose the animals don't eat the grapes. This helps the vineyard to not need to use pesticides.

Loxarel Cora (Image via The Dieline)Loxarel Cora (Image via The Dieline)

The wine itself is made from a blend of Muscat, Chardonnay, and Xarel-lo grapes. It is the color of light straw with reflections of green. The nose is floral with notes of roses and honeysuckle and undertone of dried fruit and hazelnuts. It pairs well with fish, paella, goat cheese, and salad.

At the core of making the wine is biodynamics. Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming developed by Rudolf Steiner that employs a holistic understanding of agricultural processes including the mystical and spiritual. The concept emphasizes such natural features as manure and compost and shuns the use of chemicals. It also makes use of an astrological planting and harvesting calendar. 

Biodynamics considers that there are lunar and stellar influences on soil and plant growth, such as choosing to plant, cultivation or harvest various crops based on both the phase of the moon and which constellation the moon is moving through. It also depends on whether the crop is root, leaf, flower, or fruit. For example root vegetables should be planted during the waning moon, while those vegetables that fruit above ground should be planted during the waxing the moon.

Critics have blasted biodynamic agriculture as being pseudoscience on the basis of a lack of strong empiracal evidence for usefulness, as well as skepticism about it being little more than magical thinking. However, most of these practices have been a successful part of agriculture for centuries.

I, for one, would love to get my hands (or mouth) on a bottle and see if I can tell the difference. Either way it sounds like a tasty bit of wine.

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