Want The World's Most Expensive Scoop Of Ice Cream? Take Out A Loan!

There are many people out there to whom ice cream is the ultimate in culinary enjoyment. They are able to discuss the difference between vanilla and French vanilla in exquisite detail. It is these people (and the very rich) who might actually go for the most expensive scoop of ice cream in the world. The first part of the expense is buying a plane ticket to Dubai.

World's Most Expensive Ice Cream (Image via Luxury Launches)World's Most Expensive Ice Cream (Image via Luxury Launches)

It is only in Dubai that you will find Scoopi Cafe and therein the Black Diamond Ice Cream that is so very expensive. It should come as no surprise that this comes from the land of the world's tallest building and the world's largest shopping mall. 

The ice cream is made slowly over a five-week period with prime expensive ingredients. It starts with Madagascar vanilla and is later infused with special saffron from Iran. To add some depth of flavor thin slices of Italian black truffles are folded in. No scoop of fancy ice cream would be complete without sprinkles so they top it all off with a smattering of 23-karat edible gold leaf. 

 Scoopi Cafe (Image via Al Arabiya News)Scoopi Cafe (Image via Al Arabiya News)

Oh, but the expense does not stop there! As any chef knows, presentation is everything. The scoop is served in a Versace china bowl with a Versace spoon. The bowl and spoon are yours to keep as a souvenir of indulging in such a decadent sweet.

This little snack is going to run you about $816 and there are no free refills. After all this is hardly the McDonald's down the street.

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