Want Your Artificial Tree To Smell Real? Use An Essential Oil Ornament

Artificial Christmas trees have been around for many decades now and the one thing that they truly lack is that fresh piney smell that is synonymous with the holiday season. These days this is an easy fix with this Snowflake Bubble Aromatherapy Ornament. Just hang the blown glass ball on the tree and fill it with Balsam Fir Oil and let the sniffing begin!

Snowflake Bubble Aromatherapy OrnamentSnowflake Bubble Aromatherapy Ornament

The ornament acts as a diffuser so that you can use the Balsam Fir Oil or any other essential oil to bring the smells of Christmas into your home. You can purchase the ornament with or without the Balsam Fir Oil. I would love the Balsam Fir Oil, but I would also be tempted to use the Young Living Essential Oil Blend "Thieves." With oils of cloves, rosemary, lemon, and cinnamon in it this oil has always smelled like Christmas to me.

Snowflake Bubble Aromatherapy OrnamentSnowflake Bubble Aromatherapy Ornament

This is a low-tech gadget so all you need to do is pour a bit of the oil in the small inner bubble, hang it on the tree, and let the heavenly scent waft its way through your home. You may even want to extend the beauty of having this scent in your home beyond the holidays by hanging this lovely piece elsewhere in your house throughout the winter season.

This is the ultimate no-calorie holiday treat!

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