Want Your Book Shelf To Really Grab You? It's Tentacle Time

There is no reason in the world that keeping your books on a shelf has to be boring or unimaginative. You can add a touch of creepy whimsy with these awesome Tentacle Attack Bookends. They will truly highlight your voyage to see if you can read every book on the planet. Too bad those tentacles can't help you turn the pages faster too.

Tentacle Attack BookendsTentacle Attack Bookends

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bookshelf you will find this set of bookends attacking a woman. This is the perfect decorative accent for bibliophiles -- especially those who enjoy horror and science fiction. This is the perfect gift for your favorite nerd. It is as wickedly fun as any of your favorite B movies.

The bookends are handcrafted in Kentucky by designer Eric Gross from carbon steel and automotive paint. Gross has a degree in mechanical engineering and began designing items for the home after he grew tired of designing widgets. He has created a line of whimsical and functional bookends and small bookshelves to add charm to any home.

To order a pair of Tentacle Attack Bookends for your home or as a truly unique gift, click here.