Want Your Bubble Wrap With Goldfish?

There is just something about bubble wrap that is alluring -- all those plastic bubbles just waiting to be popped. This is especially true of the larger bubbles. The other side of the coin is the people who want to strangle people who are making that popping noise, such as when my brother threatened my life one Christmas. Of course if it was Goldfish Bubble Wrap it might be a little harder to just pop away when it looks like there is a cute little fish in there.

Goldfish Bubble Wrap (Image via Japanese Tease)Goldfish Bubble Wrap (Image via Japanese Tease)

This bubble wrap was created by Japanese designer Daisuke Akiyama, working for Haft Design.  It looks like hundreds of the tiny fish are swimming in hundreds of equally tiny fish bowls. It is no surprise that he came up with the idea one day when he was watching a goldfish swimming around in a bowl.

"We usually have an inclination to pop bubble wrap," explained Akiyama. "But by printing goldfish I've made it psychologically more difficult to pop." 

The Goldfish Bubble wrap is only a prototype (or more appropriately a piece of artwork). Chances are it will never go into production. However it is just cool to think about how amazing it would be if bubble wrap actually did have goldfish or other tiny animals on it.

Goldfish are an important symbol in a number of Asian cultures. They were first domesticated in China for use as a food fish for thousands of years. When the normally gray or silver fish started mutating to have "gold" coloring they started breeding for that color. The fish started being raised in indoor pools during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Goldfish symbolize good luck and prosperity. It would seem that manufacturing companies would be a natural sale to bring good fortune as they ship out their products with Goldfish Bubble Wrap.

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