Want Your Chakras To Chime?

The hills in Tibet are alive with prayer flags. They bless the surrounding area and all those who live and travel among said hills. You can decorate the exterior (or interior) of your home with a similar design with these incredible Chakra Flag Chimes. They hold the visual echoes of the Buddhist prayer flags and also have bells that chime charmingly in the breeze.

Chakra Flag ChimesChakra Flag Chimes

Each one of the metal "flags" corresponds with one of the seven chakras of the body. These are believed to be the energy points in the subtle (non-physical) body in Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Each of the flags is the color that is associated with each chakra, from base to crown.

The artist, Jennifer Utsch, began adding such touches to her artwork as she began to explore her own spirituality. Blending the two together has helped her grow spiritually.

The flags are made of recycled steel. Sanskrit letters are cut into each flag reflecting the main quality of each chakra's energy. Noah Bells from India are interspersed with the flags to create a wonderfully musical experience. The sound of the chimes is meant to balance your chakras as you walk beneath them.

While the chain and bells will oxidize with outdoor use or in humid conditions, the flags should not fade. They will add an unusual and elegant accent to your decor, inside or out. To order your own set of Chakra Flag Chimes, click here.