Want Your Eggs To Be Out Of This World? Egg 51 Has Arrived

Egg cups have been around for thousands of years --almost as long as eggs. Okay, just kidding about that last part. But egg cups have been around forever though they aren't as popular as they used to be.  A new egg cup may start changing that. This cute little dish for eating soft-boiled eggs in the shell is styled to look just like a UFO. It can make your breakfast table look out of this world.

Egg 51 (Image via Yanko Design)Egg 51 (Image via Yanko Design)

Science fiction with its tales of aliens, spaceships, and interstellar travel was once relegated to the fringes of our culture and how has found a foothold in the mainstream. In that time this isn't the first time that eggs have come from outer space. On the television show Mork and Mindy, Mork came from Ork in their preferred mode of space travel -- an egg. Perhaps it was this, at least subconsciously, that led to this eggstra-terrestrial egg cup.

 Mork and Mindy House (Image via Pinterest)Mork and Mindy House (Image via Pinterest)

(Note: Mork "lived" less than a mile from my home in Boulder, Colorado, and just one street over. Boulder is a fitting city to place an alien if there ever was one.)

This particular ship appears to be the latest alien technology to be leaked from Area 51. It has come to us to make eating eggs more fun and perhaps just a bit tastier  Now that eggs are no longer as villainous to our diets as was once thought, perhaps both soft boiled eggs and egg cups will be set to make a comeback.

 Egg 51 (Image via Yanko Design)Egg 51 (Image via Yanko Design)

If you really want to add to the eggs-citement during breakfast and take a cue from the British and make toast soldiers to go with breakfast. They can march on the UFO and attack the egg in a most delicious way. For those who don't know, toast soldiers are simply slices of toast cut into strips thin enough for dipping in soft-boiled eggs.

Egg 51 Invasion (Image via Yanko Design)Egg 51 Invasion (Image via Yanko Design)

Now we just have to hope that our eggs keep coming from chickens and not from Ork.

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