Want Your Grog Of Choice In A Cool Beer Stein?

There are just times you want to channel your inner German -- or at least pretend you are one of the guys on Hogan's Heroes slipping into the Hoffbrau in Hammelburg to trade information with the Resistance. Either way having a stein for quenching your thirst with your favorite canned beverage is a great idea. Why a can? Because this particular stein is Das Can-in-Stein -- not a real stein, but an incredible simulation.

Das Can-n-SteinDas Can-n-Stein

This particular stein is made out of sturdy resin and designed to look like real pewter. It is a platform, or scaffold really, to hold a 12 ounce can of your favorite beverage or brew. Once placed inside that modern aluminum can takes on the look of the past, while still showing off you brand of choice.

Das Can-n-SteinDas Can-n-Stein

The stein has hinged lid operated by a lever with your drinking thumb and just right for keeping the bugs out when they are drawn by the delectable odor. It is recommended that when making a toast you "clink" at the base and do so while holding the handle to avoid damage and bodily harm. The other tricky thing is making sure that the can opening is in the right place so that you actually get a sip rather than a shower.

Das Can-n-SteinDas Can-n-Stein

It is necessary to take special care of your Das Can-in-Stein since it is neither dishwasher nor microwave safe. While that may mean more work for you, it is certainly worth it to have such a cool and geeky item among your playthings.

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Faux Real Women's Oktoberfest T-ShirtFaux Real Women's Oktoberfest T-Shirt

Trinkst du eine Bier mit mir? (I apologize now for my school girl German.) And don't forget your drinking songs. In my case that means the theme song to Laverne and Shirley (they worked in a brewery), but I'm also not much of a drinker. 

To order Das Can-in-Stein for your "Oktoberfestivities," click here.

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