Want Your Gummi Bears Evilly Hot?

You aren't a kid anymore and there are times that you want you candy indulgences to be just as grown up as you are, but with the nostalgic touch of reminding you of your childhood. A dash of wicked humor would not go amiss either. Enter the Evil Hot Gummi Bears -- the somewhat sinister sibling of those fruity little bears of your childhood that you loved so much.

Evil Hot Gummi BearsEvil Hot Gummi Bears

These dark baby bears hold the delightful flavor of licorice spiked to evil levels with Naga chilies. It is the divinely decadent that has been dragged through the fires of hell. You'll never see Gummi Bears the same way again. Even cinnamon bears can't light your fire the way these bears can.

Evil Hot Gummi BearsEvil Hot Gummi Bears

Evil Hot Gummi Bears are the grizzly bears of the candy world and a fun way to torture your friends by surprising them with the devilish heat. You can challenge each other to see how many you can eat at once before it becomes un"bear"able.

The candy is not available quite yet, but they are available for pre-order with an expected shipping date later this month. 

Source: Firebox