Want Your Putty To Be Smart Instead Of Silly?

It seems that all of us spent some portion of our childhoods goofing around with Silly Putty. It was the perfect Sunday morning toy as we lifted comics from the paper with it. It was one of the most iconic toys of the 20th century. With Smart Mass Thinking Putty this fun past time has been reinvented for a whole new century -- and boy does it show!

Smart Mass Thinking PuttySmart Mass Thinking Putty

No longer do we need to go with a putty pale and pasty that comes in a tiny egg. Putty is all grown up these days and ready to be the ultimate office toy. This smart putty comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, including Magnetic Aurum (shiny gold) and Unicorn Tears (sparkly silver). Different colors come equipped with different special powers -- from magnetism, to color changing, to glow in the dark.

Smart Mass Thinking Putty -- Magnetic AurumSmart Mass Thinking Putty -- Magnetic Aurum

Like any putty worth its ooze, Smart Mass Thinking Putty still lifts images from newspapers. Since newspapers are on the decline it has got to be able to do way more than that -- and boy does it! You can stretch it, tear it, and bounce it. You can take a hammer and shatter it. You can hang it from the ceiling and let it ooze on down. 

Smart Mass Thinking PuttySmart Mass Thinking Putty

An entire fifth of a pound of the putty comes in its own tin -- just the place to let it sit when not in use and meditate on its plans to enslave mankind. While you might think that a putty like this must be some goo made of toxic waste, it is actually non-toxic and doesn't leave any gooey trails in its wake. It even has instructions for what to do when you get it stuck in your hair -- and scissors are not involved.

Isn't it great that we live in a time when many of our childhood toys have gotten to grow up with us? It's like we don't have to be grown up except when we make out the check for the mortgage!

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