Want Your Soup And Crackers In The Same Bowl?

With the cooler days and nights of autumn and winter on the way making some piping hot soup is beginning to sound more attractive. The trick is to keep your crackers separate from the soup until just the right moment without them sliding off onto the table or floor. With this cool "double-dipping" Soup and Crackers Bowl you can keep them separate and tidy throughout the meal.

Soup and Crackers BowlSoup and Crackers Bowl

The best way to eat a hearty soup or stew on a cold night is curled up on the couch in your Snuggie with the bowl warming your hands and face.  The handle on this handmade double bowl makes it easy to hang on to while you listen to your favorite music or catching up on you favorite show.

The cracker portion of the bowl can also act as a handy spoon rest when you are done eating to keep the mess at a minimum. The bowl also doesn't have to be limited to soup and crackers. Ice cream and cookies come to mind, as do chips and dips. 

Since the bowl is not only dishwasher and microwave safe but oven safe you could use it to bake individual casseroles and sides to go together for easily served meals. It is just versatile and unusual enough to get really creative and go tearing through a few boundaries.

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