Want To Be On Reality TV? Italian Resort Offers Reality TV Inspired Vacations

For those who have turned on their favorite reality TV show, and thought "man, I'd like to do that", a major Italian vacation tour operator is about to make your dream comes true with Reality Village.


The format at reality village is one that we've come to know and love; compete in adventurous, disgusting and laborious tasks to win additional prizes and privileges.  Of course, vacation goers do have to pay for their reality TV vacation experience, but they do have the opportunity to add to their vacation by competing against one another to win prizes. As soon as vacation-goers enter the vacation resort village, they are greeted with cameras galore and undergo casting sessions to be placed on teams of 30 people whom they will compete with for the week long vacation.

To encourage narcissistic values, footage from each day is aired in the evening, and a panel of judges chooses one winner who particularly excelled that day. That lucky reality contestant has the opportunity to move into one of the best hotel rooms at the resort village for a little TLC and choose a friend to come with them. Naturally, since most people do not vacation alone, the ideal choice might be a spouse, friend or family member; but those who really want to live the Big Brother experience might make things a little more interesting by choosing a fellow, unknown contestant.

I think it goes without saying that the type of vacation offered at Reality Village, may not be one for those who have come to expect the five-star treatment, but for those who want to enjoy a little back breaking competition to earn and really appreciate the prized luxuries, Reality Village will ensure you get the complete Reality TV experience.

Via: Springwise

May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Expanding Reality Village

How about expanding Reality Village worldwide or to select locales:
HI, NV, NM, Mexico, Australia, Greece, Med Sea area, So Pacific, NZ.

& offer these in the package:

Rental Exotic cars
Rental Muscle cars
Playmates for singles for dating.
Gourmet dining
Set up gigs for vacationers
Wine tasting
Au natural Adult Fun- Non XXXX rated.
007 Theme package
Old West package for USA markets In Western US
Tarzan Eco Theme from Tarzan movies: HI, NW Aus, Brazil.
Farm work if at Farm
Beach Party event IE 1960s Beach Blanket Bingo
Rental parasails, copters, aerostats, boats, yachts, Mini subs by locale.
Beach Games
Scuba, snuba.

etc etc.

Franchise & expand this worldwide.

Id be fun.